On Thursday, October 28, an eclectic bar, lounge and restaurant opened on the bustling West Beach on Palm Jumeirah. The concept of the birth of Beirut is named after an unprecedented date and is known for its unique personality and thought-provoking design elements.

The Featured Bar on February 30 is home to three distinct bars, including a bar with a circular wicker roof with stools from which you can sip cocktails and watch the sunset. The interior is equally eye-catching, with red and monochromatic finishes and pleasant lush greenery.

Outside, pink walls and colorful lounge chairs exude retro charm, while Balinese-style parasols and wooden double sunbeds with candy-striped cushions take pride on the beach. Palm trees have been added to the waterfront to inject the tropical atmosphere all the way into the sea.

The man behind the menu-famous chef and restaurant owner Reif Othman-combines the best of the Mediterranean and Japan. It serves a variety of sushi, including nigiri sushi, sashimi and uramaki rolls, seafood and lettuce, tacos and burgers, as well as Italian delicacies such as pasta and risotto.

On February 30th, Dubai will become a new hot spot in West Beach. The restaurant tables and beach loungers will play a soundtrack of tropical house beats to greet guests. The destinations from day to night also supply hookah from the deck.

Ten years ago, it was conceptualized in Beirut, Lebanon on February 30, and it began its journey as a Hamra Street bar. The expansion to Dubai has further enhanced the brand, and with the launch of this beach bar and restaurant, the theme has been raised to new heights.

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